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16:25 Colleague Arif Durrani on how NotW’s top advertisers are standing firm

“News of the World’s 10 biggest advertisers worth £16m have so far kept the Sunday tabloid in the schedules of their media plans, despite the nationwide backlash over allegations of widespread phone tapping,” full story.

16:20 – News Corp chairman Rupert Murdoch issues statement backing Brooks

“Recent allegations of phone hacking and making payments to police with respect to the News of the World are deplorable and unacceptable. I have made clear that our company must fully and proactively cooperate with the police in all investigations and that is exactly what News International has been doing and will continue to do under Rebekah Brooks’ leadership.

“We are committed to addressing these issues fully and have taken a number of important steps to prevent them from happening again. I have also appointed Joel Klein to provide important oversight and guidance and Joel and Viet Dinh, an independent director, are keeping News Corporation’s Board fully advised as well.”

16:20 Ford’s media agency Mindshare is thought to have shifted the bulk of the car firm’s ad spend from News of the World to the Sun.

16:10 – Rebekah Brooks gets her own hashtag #rebekahbrooksexcuses as the Twitter community makes fun of the information coming out of News international. Here are a few:

@grimwood ‘I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar.’ #rebekahbrooksexcuses

@annelidworm “These are not the secret payment records you are looking for.” #RebekahBrooksExcuses

@sallybrooks “The dog ate my list of editorial duties.” #RebekahBrooksExcuses – any more?

16:00 – Wickes’ issues statement with regards to advertising with News of the World via colleague Sarah Shearman.

A Wickes spokesperson says: “Wickes will not be advertising in the News of the World whilst the investigation into their conduct is in progress. Any decisions around advertising with News of the World will be made following the outcome of the investigation.”

15:55- The Guardian reports that News International to claim that Rebekah Brooks was on holiday during Dowler phone hacking.

“News International is planning to relieve the pressure on its beleaguered chief executive, Rebekah Brooks, by claiming she was on holiday when a mobile phone belonging to Milly Dowler was hacked into in 2002 by the News of the World, the paper she edited at the time,” the Guardian reports.

15:30 MP Calls for James Murdoch to be suspended. Labour MP Tom Watson, who has long been at the centre of the hacking story, says James Murdoch “should be suspended” because as he authorised payments to cover up wrongdoing and “pervert the course of justice”, Sky’s Jon Craig tweets.

Waston says that “there is “no escape now for News International” and he calls for police to ask James Murdoch about destruction of data at storage centre in India, via @totalpolitics.

Labour MP Barry Gardin tweets that Watson reveals to House of Commons that Rebekah Wade was informed by police in 2002 that her staff involved in criminal activity.

15:25 – Colleague Loulla-Mae Eleftheriou-Smith hears from Butlins, which has also issued a statement

“We review all our sources of advertising regularly and we will not be advertising in NoW this weekend,” a spokeswoman for Butlins said.

15:15 BSkyB is by far the biggest News of the World advertiser. This Sunday it could feature even more prominently as others rethink. Via Campaign colleagues Ian Darby and Jeremy Lee.

BSkyB spends £ 2,494,193 in the News of the World according to the Nielsen Company (for period 1 May 2010 to 30 April 2011). Top ten advertisers soon.

14:50 – @SkyNewsBreak reports BSkyB shares drop in New York

“News Corp shares down 2.4% on opening in New York in response to new allegations of phone hacking at the News of the World”.

14:25 – Mitsubishi says it is pulling its ads from #NOTW due to ‘unspeakable’ Milly Dowler phone hack allegations, managing director tells @BBCRadio4

14:20 – Blogger and activists launches new petition

“@Paul_burgin Starting petition for people to use outside newsagents for Sunday regarding boycotting #NOTW later today @santaevita Please cld you RT?”

13:55 – A full list of last week’s advertisers in The News of the World.

Rich Sutcliffe: Given the rate at which advertisers now seem to be pulling their ads, or at the very least seriously considering their options with regards to continuing to support the News of the World, we thought we’d do a quick round up of last week’s paper.

This isn’t some naming and shaming exercise, just a record of what was there that we can look at against this week’s paper to see whether there was any real impact on the ad count, or whether News Int can replace the advertisers it looks like it might lose and therefore maintain ad revenue.

The 3 July paper ran to 80 pages (and we’ve only looked at the main paper, not Fabulous magazine):

Page 8: T Mobile full page
Page 10: Halifax quarter page
Page 11: Lloyds Pharmacy quarter strip
Page 14: Nice’n’Easy quarter page
Page 16: Tesco quarter page
Page 18: First Choice full page
Page 20: Cadbury quarter page
page 21: Monarch quarter strip
Page 22: EasyJet quarter page
Page 24: BT quarter page
Page 26: Vauxhall half page
Page 27: Three quarter page
Page 28: Harveys three quarter page
Page 28: Weight Watchers strip
Page 29: npower quarter page
Page 30: Currys/PC World quarter page
Page 32: Carpet Right quarter page
Page 33: weight Watchers strip
Page 34: Currys/PC World three quarter page
Page 36: Three quarter page
Page 37: Halifax half page
Page 38: The Sun full page
Page 39: Ford quarter page
Page 40: DFS quarter page
Page 42: NatWest quarter page
Page 43: The Co-operative bank
Page 45: Mars quarter page
Page 48: SJM Concerts full page
Page 50: Co-operative Insurance half page
Page 52: 2011 UK Coin Collection full page
Page 56: Uncle Ben’s half page
Page 57: Seaworld Parks and Entertainment quarter page
Page 61: Travel classifieds inc: Virgin Holidays half page, Chevron quarter page
Page 62: Travel classifieds
Page 63: Travel classifieds inc: Warner Breaks half page
Page 64: Travel classifieds, Haven full page
Page 65: Travel classifieds inc: Park Resorts half page, Butlins half page
Page 66: Travel classifieds
Page 67: Home classifieds
Page 69: Sky half page

13:50 – David Cameron promises public inquiry into alleged phone hacking at the News of the World. The BBC says that the prime minister said claims that the voicemail of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler had been hacked – with some messages deleted – were “disgusting”. However, he told MPs an inquiry could not take place until police investigations were concluded.

Public enquiry could be two years way. Channel 4 News says its political editor Gary Gibbon has been told by a source in the Metropolitan Police that the police operation could take as long as two years, meaning a significant delay to an inquiry.

1345 – Ofcom issues statement, says it is  ‘closely monitoring the News of the World situation and how that might impact News Corp’s takeover of BSkyB.

“In the light of the current public debate about phone hacking and other allegations, Ofcom confirms that it has a duty to be satisfied on an ongoing basis that the holder of a broadcasting licence is ‘fit and proper’.

“It is clearly not for Ofcom to investigate matters which properly lie in the hands of the police and the courts, however we are closely monitoring the situation and in particular the investigations by the relevant authorities into the alleged unlawful activities.”

13:40 – BSkyB shares down 13.00p (-1.54%) to 832p.

13:30 – Vauxhall issues News of the World statement

“Vauxhall has suspended advertising in the News of the World. It will reconsider its position pending the outcome of investigations into the allegations of phone hacking. ”

13:10 – Vauxhall reported to have suspended its advertising

@sunny_hundal tweets: “Vauxhall has suspended advertising in the News of the World. It will reconsider its position pending the outcome of investigations”. We’re checking with them now. More soon.

13:08 – Co-operative Group and Virgin Holidays join News of the World boycott

Rich Sutcliffe: Full story on Co-op and Virgin joining the growing ranks of advertisers who are distancing themselves from the News of the World as public anger grows over the unfolding events.

13:00 – Co-0perative News of the World statement in full

Co-operative group suspends news of the world advertising

“The Co-operative Group has taken the decision to suspend temporarily any further advertising and promotional activity with the News of the World until the outcome of the investigation is known.

“The Group is a consumer-owned business which adheres to strong ethical standards.  These allegations have been met with revulsion by the vast majority of members who have contacted us.

“We would urge everyone involved to bring this matter to a speedy conclusion for the sake of all those who are affected by these events. ”

12:50 – Virgin Holidays issues statement

“We reviewed our plans yesterday in the light of emerging developments and decided to withdraw the very limited number of classified adverts we had booked for several of the Virgin Holidays brands for this Sunday. We are continuing to monitor the situation on a week by week basis and as this an ongoing investigation we cannot comment further.”

12:45 – The full list of advertisers who have so far pulled or are reviewing their News of the World advertising

Virgin Holidays




The Cooperative Group




First Choice

TUI (including Thomson)

12:30 More from Sky it tweets that Virgin Holidays has decided not to go ahead with NOTW ad bookings planned for this Sunday.

The Cooperative Group has also agreed to stop advertising in NotW after lobbying from Shadow Environment Secretary Meg Hillier

12:15 Ed Miliband calls for BSkyB takeover to be halted. David Cameron accuses The Labour leader of performing a U-Turn on the BSkyB deal at #PMQs

12:00 Sky News is reporting that Lloyds Banking Group will not be running adverts in News of the World this Sunday

At #PMQs David Cameron refuses to call for Brooks resignation: “Everyone at News International has to ask themselves some pretty searching questions”.

12:00 –Halifax pulls NotW ad campaign and considers ‘longer term position’

Halifax has pulled ads from this Sunday’s News of the World as the News International continues to reel from the phone-hacking scandal.

11:00 BBC Business editor Robert Peston says News of the World story will almost certainly delay BSkyB deal.

“My conclusion from all this, which has been corroborated by talking to those close to the two companies, is that Rupert Murdoch and News Corporation will almost certainly have to delay their takeover of BSkyB – at least until it is apparent that the News of the World and News International have been cleaned up,” says Peston on his blog.

0950 – Sainsbury’s joins list of advertisers reviewing relationship with NotW

Sainsbury’s, T-Mobile, Halifax and First Choice are the latest big name brands to review their advertising support for the News of the World, in light of the phone-hacking allegations.

0945 – From the Wall blog on the growing online campaign –Bloggers organise as campaign against the News of the World grows as #saynotonotw trends on Twitter

0900 – Mumsnet pulls Sky campaign in protest at NotW

Mumsnet has pulled a campaign promoting Sky to its users, following increasingly vociferous calls from its influential community that it should not be associated with a Murdoch-owned organisation, after further phone-hacking allegations at the News o

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